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Imagine you hear the crisp sound of a violin playing the romantic music of Vivaldi, playing on your fantasy, triggering your memories of the colorful springtime, sun blazed summers, stormy autumn days and a winters’ day of fun in the snow.  Now picture yourself inside that violin. In a parallel universe, like Alice in Wonderland, where you find yourself within the music, surrounded by its notes coming at you from all angles and immersed in a visual baroque landscape of all seasons. Losing yourself in its thriving beauty, you take part in a Venetian carnival, just before you wake up.

IMAGINE THE FOUR SEASONS is a truly unique immersive experience inspired by Vivaldi’s masterpiece – arguably the most popular work of classical music ever composed. This groundbreaking exhibition breathes life into the timeless composition, seamlessly weaving together crisp new recordings of The Four Seasons, the captivating allure of Venice, and exuberant visuals from baroque painters of Vivaldi’s time. Prepare to be awe-struck by state-of-the-art interactive projections, delivering a breathtaking 360-degree multi-sensory experience like no other. Step inside the violin-shaped exhibition room and experience Vivaldi like never before!