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In a recent survey of self-described “hard partiers”, more than 100% identified “a disco-themed, bar mitzvah blow-out” as the secular celebration they would most like to crash.  

 – National Institute of Specious & Self-Serving Data

In the largest poll ever conducted of performing arts audiences 18-82, an overwhelming majority stated they would be “highly likely” to attend a participatory entertainment experience, citing “a bar mitzvah gala” as their first preference.

Association of Very Artsy Alliances 

In a groundbreaking experiment using a word salad to identify unique entertainment opportunities, researchers found the phrases most frequently highlighted were bar mitzvah, comedy and disco dancing.

National marketing firm of Weemake Yurpoint and Howe

With such compelling evidence, it’s a wonder nothing has been created to satisfy audiences’ craving for an interactive, disco-themed Bar Mitzvah celebration!

Well, wonder no more.

You’re invited to

Benji’s Bar Mitzvah

…an immersive, interactive theater experience in which the audience actively participates as the “invited guests” at an over-the-top, disco-themed reception hosted by Lorraine and Dick Shulman to celebrate their son Benji’s coming of age in the Jewish tradition.

Staged in a hotel ballroom rather than a traditional theater, Benji’s Bar Mitzvah is similar to such long running comedy successes as Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding and Drunk Shakespeare in its hilarious blend of traditional scripted theater and skilled improvisational acting. The party is real, and so is the fun, as the audience immerses itself in the action of the show – interacting with the quirky characters, strutting their stuff to the disco sounds of DJ s’UP and The Matzo Ballers, and engaging with the characters through little pop-up dramas…becoming in effect part of the show itself.

From the award-winning writer of the musical Miracle and the producers of the critically acclaimed musical SpongeBob SquarePants, comes a celebration of family, tradition and individuality that will have you laughing so hard, you’ll want to be a permanent member of this loveable, dysfunctional family.