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Using the latest technology, alongside special effects and new-age illusions, INSIDIOUS: SEEKERS OF THE FURTHER will be the ultimate way to interact with the world created by the franchise. What was supposed to be a normal seminar about the paranormal has dissolved into a battle for the souls of the audience. Who has been taken into the Further? Will astral projection be enough to retrieve them? And what if something has escaped into our realm? For the first time ever, the terrifying world of INSIDIOUS will be brought to the stage in the form of a live, in-seat immersive experience that must be seen to be believed.


“A little 'Nightmare on Elm Street,' part 'Exorcist' and a hint of 'Paranormal Activity.' Honors genre expectations while delivering a fresh and horrifyingly unpredictable experience.”

Scary as F**K! A must see for horror fans!

The “little horror franchise that could” has earned $555 million worldwide on a combined $26.5 million budget, making it the second-most profitable major horror franchise

INSIDIOUS is full of some of the best jump scares in horror history

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